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May, 19th

What To Write In A Baby Card

What To Write In A Baby Card

What to Write in a New Baby Card

You’ve chosen a cute ‘New Baby’ congratulations card. You’ve even found a pen that works. Now it’s time to write a message to the proud new parents, but your mind goes completely blank. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, rest assured you’re not alone.

It’s not at all unusual to feel lost for inspiration when deciding what to write in a greeting card. But don’t worry - our What to Write blog series is here to help! We’ve already blogged about occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries . In this article we’re shining a spotlight on that happiest of events – the birth of a new baby.

It’s likely that the new parents will cherish birth congratulations cards for many years to come, and perhaps in time they will even be passed on to their grown-up child. So there’s all the more reason to write a meaningful message that can be treasured forever.

Here we’ve put together some tips and suggestions to help you create the perfect New Baby message.

Happy writing!

Who should I address the card to?

It’s usual to address your card to the parents, for example ‘Dear Lucy and Mark’. If the new baby has older siblings, you could include their names too, for example ‘Dear Lucy, Mark, Evie and Harry’.

If you prefer, you could include the names of siblings later in the message, for example:

Dear Lucy and Mark,

Warmest congratulations on the safe arrival of [INSERT BABY NAME] – a gorgeous brother/sister for Evie and Harry.

Suggested messages to friends & family

Try one of these messages – or your own variation – to convey warmth, happiness and good wishes.

·         Such amazing news! So happy to hear of the safe arrival of [INSERT BABY’S NAME].

·         Heartfelt congratulations on the safe arrival of [INSERT BABY’S NAME].

·         The best news ever! Absolutely thrilled for you both.

·         Welcome to the world, little one.

·         Congratulations! Can’t wait to meet your beautiful bundle of joy.

Sample verses on the birth of a new baby

We asked our writers to suggest a few cute verses – maybe they’ll even inspire you to write your own poem!

·         Five cute fingers, five cute toes Joy and laughter, wherever he/she goes!

·         Hugs and kisses, love and joy Congratulations – a baby boy!

·         A baby girl you’ll love forever Welcome to the world, little treasure!

·         Love and laughter, joy and fun Welcome blessings, little one!

Funny and light-hearted messages

Depending on your relationship with the new parents, you may want to include a jokey sentiment.

·         Parenthood is a crazy journey – enjoy the ride!

·         Parenthood – it’s not all nappies and baby sick. Oh wait…

·         You made a tiny human! Who needs sleep anyway?

·         Good luck both of you. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Messages for multiple births

When twins or triplets arrive, it’s good to find the words to mark such a special occasion.

·         Congratulations on the birth of your adorable twins. Double joy!

·         Double blessings! We’re so excited for you.

·         Once, twice, three times a baby. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your triplets.

And finally…

Don’t forget that the weeks and months after the birth of a new baby can be very tiring for new mums and dads. You may want to include an extra line offering to lend a helping hand. For example, ‘If you need anything at all, just message me.’

We hope you’ve found our guide helpful. If you’d like to share your own ideas for new baby messages, join the conversation on our socials. We always love to hear from you!