Collector's Club

Blue Nose Friends like nothing more than spending time with you and joining you on your adventures. Download and fill in the consent form and email to us with pictures of your Blue Nose Friends to for a chance to feature in our blue nose gallery.

Alfie with Skye and Chill

Scarlett-Rae and Zig Zag

Lewis with his friends

Tabbie and Jester

Charlie and Chill

Lily with Bray

Elodie with Spike and Cotton Tail

Loki, aged 7

Lyra, 4

Ellie, 9

Phoebe, 4

Amelie, 6

Grace, 8

Esther, 5

Flynn, 4

Louis, 6

Esther, 2

Maggie, 3

Isabelle, 6 & Sophie, 9

Fifi, 4