Tatty teddy is there for every occasion offering a timeless message of love, happiness and friendship. Our unique little bear with grey fur, a blue nose and patches has captured the hearts of millions all over the world.

How our little bear got a blue nose & grey fur...

Surely by some mistake a lovely brown teddy bear had been left outside...

one very cold day it

started to snow...

a snowflake landed on the little bear's nose

He got so cold his nose turned blue & his fur turned grey

How Tatty Teddy comes to life

All our bears start thier lives as little hand drawn doodbles on a piece of paper.

These sketches are then carefully drawn up into beautiful finished illustrations bringing them to life.

How our little bear has grown over the years...

  • Tatty Teddy in 1995
  • Tatty Teddy in 2005
  • Tatty Teddy in 2010
  • Tatty Teddy in 2020

The Tatty Teddy Story