Meet the characters

1. Queenie the Corgi

Queenie is the regal Corgi who leads her pack with good natured charm. Loyal to the end, she’s always there for her friends.

2. Casey the Dalmatian

Casey is the curious Dalmatian who always follows his nose to the next adventure... no case is too hard to solve when he’s around.

3. Zig Zag the Zebra

You’ll see everything in black and white when clever Zig Zag the Zebra is around. She knocks the spots off the rest.

4. Bray the Donkey

From playing in the mud to helping in the fields, Bray the hard-working Donkey is always ready to get stuck in.

5. Maverick the Goat

Maverick is the fearless little goat who always finds himself in mischievous situations… he’s always kidding around.

6. Fizzy the Bee

Always on the move, Fizzy is the busy little bee who'll leave you dizzy just watching her.

7. Bolt the Squirrel

Where this sporty little squirrel stores all of that energy we will never know. Bolt will do anything to score points with you!

8. Karma the Llama

Always there for long walks and snuggles, Karma the affectionate llama is always around to reassure his friends.

9. Blush the Flamingo

Graceful and elegant, Blush the beautiful flamingo loves to dress up, as long as it's pink!

10. Denny the Fox

Denny the adventurous fox may run off ahead, but don’t worry, he's scouting for the best place to build a den for his friends!

11. Splash the Elephant

Splash is the clumsy elephant who loves to splash through life… there’s always a whole mess of fun to be had when he’s around.

12. Sonny the Sloth

Sonny is the good-natured sloth who can sleep anywhere… but he's happiest tucked up with friends.

13. Spirit the Cat

Spirit is the playful cat who always lands on her feet… she pounces on every opportunity, especially when she can make a new friend.

14. Cotton Tail the Bunny

Cotton Tail is the fluffy bunny who loves nothing more than bouncing around at home… there's hopping fun to be had with this cotton-tailed cutie.

15. Spike the Hedgehog

Spike is the prickly hedgehog who seems reluctant to join in at first, but when he opens up he's a bundle of fun.

16. Snooks the Panda

Snooks is the quiet panda who loves to snack all day long; her favourite meal is breakfast, lunch and tea with friends.

17. Jester the Monkey

Jester is the cheeky monkey who loves playing pranks….You'll always have a smile on your face when he's around.

18. Skye the Giraffe

With her head in the clouds this creative giraffe tells the best stories… Skye will always tell you the tallest of tales.

19. Abra the Unicorn

Abra is the magical unicorn who often has her head in the clouds imagining ways to make dreams come true.

20. Chill the Triceratops

Don't let the roars fool you... Chill the dinosaur loves nothing more than chilling out with friends.

21. North the Husky

Limited Edition

North is the lively Husky who loves to frolic in the snow… for him there's snow place like home.

22. Rufus the Reindeer

Limited Edition

There’s always a happily ever antler with this blue nose reindeer… Rufus will soon be your deerest friend.

23. Salty the Polar Bear

Limited Edition

Salty is the carefree Polar Bear who dreams of setting sail and seeing the world.

24. Cuddles the Penguin

Limited Edition

Cuddles is the friendly little Penguin who loves to be in a crowd… With the warmest of hearts she'll bring a thaw to even the coldest day.

25. Rosie the Robin


Rosie is the helpful little Robin who's always near…She'll flit in anywhere.