tatty bear sitting on a moon blinking tatty bear sitting on a moon blinking

A Tiny Tatty Tale

Tiny Tatty Teddy had a very sleepy head,

"I need a tiny little sleep" Tiny Tatty said,

A tiny little sleep, in his tiny little bed,

With a tiny little pillow,

To rest his tiny little head.

For Treasuring Tiny Memories

Just when you think you know love,

something Tiny comes along.

Tiny Tatty Teddy products are made

for keeping memories of those special

first moments with your little one

safe and sound;

From the moment you find out you’re

expecting, to celebrating first Tiny steps.

smiling cloud with swing tatty bear sitting on cloud swinging
tatty bear holding a stuffed toy and sleeping z sleeping z sleeping z sleeping

For Tiny Little Hands

Every Tiny Tatty Teddy product is handmade

with love and care.

You won't find any Tiny beans in our little

bears and all their tiny eyes and

noses are hand stitched together...

so that your Tiny bear is safe for your

Tiny little newborn.