Fun & Games

Colour in your own Blue Nose Friends, create blue nose crafts and find out which My Blue Nose Friend you are using our personality test!

Colouring & Crafting Fun

Create your own blue nose masterpiece

Download and print these colouring and craft pages. Once you've finished, why not ask your grown-up to send it to us and we will add it to our collector's page.

Make Your Own Blue Nose Masks!


Make your own Salty the Polar Bear


Make Your Own Blue Nose House


Blue Nose Colouring Fun


Which friend are you?

Are you always on the go like Fizzy the Bee...

or do you like to take things more slowly
like Sonny the Sloth?

Take the quiz to find out which
My Blue Nose Friend
you are...

Spot the difference!

Can you spot the difference between these two pictures of Queenie the Corgi?

Download the images and see how many your friends and family can spot?