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June, 15th

How to Throw a Unicorn Birthday Party

How to Throw a Unicorn Birthday Party

Full of rainbows, sprinkles and glitter, there’s a reason that everyone wants to have a unicorn themed birthday party.

We’ve put together some fun ideas for how to add a little unicorn magic to your next celebration!

First things first, you’ll need to get the basics arranged, so that you can move onto the fun stuff. Try to get these done at least a month before the party, so you can give guests plenty of notice.

  • Date and time… try and choose something that will be most convenient for you & your guests
  • Location… decide whether to hire a venue or find the space at home
  • Guest list… how many people & who do you want to have at your party
  • Dress Code…. why not ask your guests to come dressed in bright unicorn colours or ask them to let their imaginations run wild by setting the dress code as ‘mythical’.


The most important part of any party that can really help to make it feel even more magical is the food. Try to make sure there’s something for everyone and always have a little more than you think you’ll need (just to be on the safe side!).

  • Rainbow Pizzas Choose the most colourful toppings and create a rainbow effect. The most vibrant toppings include peppers, red onions, tomatoes, sweetcorn & chillies.

  • Fruit Salad – The perfect way to add an exciting splash of colour to your party spread. Our favourites (and the most colourful) are… orange segments, kiwi chunks, pineapple, mango, pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, grapes & banana.

  • Unicorn Fudge – A simple recipe, that involves no baking at all and tastes simply delicious! You can download and print the recipe here.

  • Sparkling Cupcakes – Use glittery sprinkles to add a dazzling touch to a simple iced cupcake. This works for any flavour cupcake you prefer, from chocolate, to lemon or simple vanilla, this simple trick is an easy way to jazz up a simple & quick recipe.


With the decorations, we always say the more there are the better. You’ll want to mix lots of fun colours with all your decorations including pastel pinks, purples, sparkling silver & gold.

  • Confetti – A must have at any party and even more essential for a unicorn themed birthday party. Sprinkle confetti onto the food table, gift table, into goody bags and even on the floor!

  • Paper Streamers – A fun way to make your party look even more mythical is with paper streamers. You can buy this ready made or it’s easy to create by taking a stack of colourful tissue paper and cutting into strips (stopping a couple of inches from the top) open them out and use around your food table or across doorways.

  • Balloons – No party is complete without a lot of balloons. Choose a selection of pink, purple and sparkling silver. Gather them into bunches and hang from the walls or create a fun balloon arch which makes the perfect photo opportunity.

Party Games

Once the party is in full swing, it’s always good to have some organised games ready to keep everyone entertained. Why not try:

  • Pin the horn on the unicorn – A mythical twist on the old classic party game. Draw or print out a big unicorn (the bigger the better) and stick onto the wall. Cut out a unicorn horn for every guest (using sparkling holographic paper), then take it turns to blindfold guests and have them try to pin the unicorn’s horn in the right place.

  • Mystical Pass the Parcel – A classic game that everyone loves with a unicorn themed twist. Using only bright and colourful paper, with lots of confetti and sparkles in between layers and fun colourful gifts throughout.

  • Make Your Own Unicorn Horn – For this fun, crafty activity everyone will have the chance to make their own unique unicorn headband. All you need is a selection of simple plastic headbands, a bundle of colourful, sparkly ribbons, colourful card, glue, glitter & sequins.

With our ideas and your own touch of magic you’ll have created the most fun unicorn party. Let us know how the party goes & don’t forget to share your pictures on social with #metoyoumomentsthatmatter!

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