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May, 16th

Ten Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

Ten Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day is the one day of the year we get to celebrate the father figure in our lives, whether that’s an amazing dad, granddad, stepdad, uncle or role model. It’s a chance to spoil him with a thoughtful card and gift, and perhaps some fun plans for the day. Stuck for inspiration?
Keep reading for ideas on how to give him a Father’s Day he’ll always remember.

1. Cook His Favourite Breakfast Does he love a full English? Or maybe he’s a fan of pastries and fruit? Whatever his preference, show your love by preparing and serving a delicious breakfast. Even if it’s a simple plate of toast and jam and a cup of tea in his favourite mug, he’s sure to appreciate the gesture.

2. Create a Timed Treasure Hunt The treasure can be anything you choose - chocolate, sweets, or perhaps little gifts like a small Dad Tatty Teddy or homemade cookies. Hide five items around the home or garden, tell him he has ten minutes to find everything and set a timer (tip – when you stash the treasure, video the hiding places in case you forget where they are and Dad can’t find them all).

3. Give Him A Photobook Of Memories Create a photobook to include family snaps of happy memories you’ve shared together. Include a few words next to each photo, explaining why the memory is so special to you. Such a thoughtful gift is bound to become a treasured keepsake for many years to come.

4. Play Board Games For many families board games are only played at Christmas, but Father’s Day is a great excuse to dust them off. Spend a couple of hours playing your family favourites, whether that’s Monopoly, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit or childhood classics like Hungry Hippos or KerPlunk.

5. Check Local Listings Is there a summer fete you could all go to on Father’s Day weekend? Maybe a movie or gig you think he’d love? Check through your local What’s On guides to see if anything might appeal to Dad on his special day.

6. Help Around the House And Garden Offer to help Dad with a project such as painting a shed or fence. You could also offer to clean the car, water the plants, cook dinner, vacuum the lounge or cook him a BBQ with our Me to You BBQ set – whatever takes the pressure off Dad so he can concentrate on relaxing for the rest of the day.

7. Paint a Pebble A painted pebble is a personalised gift that Dad is sure to appreciate. If you can’t find any suitable pebbles (large flat rocks are best) you can buy them at most craft stores. Use acrylic paint and spray-on varnish for a glossy finish.

8. Get Creative in the Kitchen He won’t be expecting a complicated celebration cake, but a simple sponge with strawberries, a traybake of brownies, or perhaps some muffins is a great way to show your love on Father’s Day. If you’re planning a barbecue, why not make an unusual salad? Try whizzing up a mango, lime & chilli dressing – perfect for dads who like it spicy.

9. Go Thrill Seeking If your dad’s an adrenaline junkie, he’ll relish a trip to a theme park or local high ropes centre. Go-karting or paintballing are fun too - but be sure to book well ahead as slots sell fast on Father’s Day weekend.

10. Take the Train Give Dad a break from driving and take a train to a place you’ve never visited before. Whether it’s a big city or a sleepy town, there’ll be plenty of history to uncover, cafes to visit and (if he likes a beer) maybe even a brewery tour to enjoy.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you and the father figure in your life have the very best day celebrating.