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May, 5th

Have a Spring Glow Up!

Have a Spring Glow Up!

Birds are nesting, bulbs are blooming and fruit trees are covered in blossom. After such a long, wet winter, springtime couldn’t be more welcome. But while we love to see brighter days and lighter evenings, all that sunshine streaming through the windows can show up tired and dull-looking decor. It’s no wonder this is traditionally the time of year for a deep clean.

Finding time for a thorough spring clean can be a challenge in our busy lives. But it’s amazing the difference you can make in a just a few hours with a minimum budget. Try following our top tips and your home will soon feel refreshed and sparkling clean.

1. Clean Windows

Dirty windows block out light, encourage mould, and provide a breeding ground for flies, spiders and ants. So our number one spring cleaning tip is to clean your windows on the inside. Wipe down first with a damp cloth then spritz lightly with glass cleaner. Polish in a zig-zag motion to avoid streaking. Ideally clean the outside of your windows too, but we recommend calling in a professional for any windows above ground floor level.

2. Wash Curtains and Blinds

It’s easy to forget how much grime curtains and blinds can collect. Check the washing label and machine-wash your curtains if possible. Don’t forget to remove hooks before they go in the machine. If your curtains are dry clean only and you’re not able to get to the dry cleaner, try hanging them over your washing line and giving them a good shake out. This will get rid of dust and refresh them for the summer season. The slats of Venetian blinds also attract dust. Give them a careful wipe down with a damp cloth, then buff up with a dry rag.

3. Declutter.

During winter when we’re stuck indoors it’s hardly surprising the house can start to look a little chaotic. In the living area, sort through piles of paperwork and magazines, and aim to streamline your surfaces. Maybe there are some unwanted books or Christmas gifts you could donate to the charity shop or sell online? Do the same in the bedroom, clearing out wardrobe and drawers to make space for spring outfits.

4. Spruce Up Kitchen Cupboards and Kickboards

Greasy marks, food spills, coffee splashes – grime can easily build up in the kitchen without us really noticing, especially on floor-level cupboards and kickboards. Fill a washing up bowl with very hot water and a dash of disinfectant then give those surfaces a careful scrub. If you have a dishwasher don’t forget the sides of the door – a magnet for splashes and food stains.

5. Add Accessories

You don’t have to decorate the walls to transform the feel of your home. A new cushion, candle or throw in a spring-cleaned room may be all that’s needed to complete a seasonal makeover. For a contemporary look, include ornaments and accessories with a natural finish such as wood, and invest in a few house plants. Plants look great on a windowsill or hanging from the ceiling – and research has shown that tending to plants helps reduce stress levels.

6. Freshen up your outdoor space

Don't forget to include your outdoor area in your spring glow up! Sweep patios, remove any weeds and dead plants and add some bright Annuals to give a pop of colour and invest in some new outdoor cushions to spruce up your seating area.

Good luck with your spring cleaning plans!