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December, 9th

Giving (and Wrapping) Is Just As Nice As Receiving!

Giving (and Wrapping) Is Just As Nice As Receiving!

How to Create Beautifully Wrapped Gifts

Christmas is the perfect time to delight family and friends over the festive period with gifts. The vast selection of Me to You Christmas wrapping available has something for everyone and a beautifully wrapped present is as special as the gift itself.

You can impress your loved ones with a professional looking job from that tiny token gift to the large box under the tree. Practice makes perfect so make sure you have enough wrapping paper and gift bags to achieve exactly what you want before the big day, as Christmas will be here before you know it!

Make kids’ gifts even more fun with several layers of wrapping paper, maybe with clues as to what’s inside? Or what about wrapping a little something extra to hang on the tree? Our gift bags and tissue paper can be used to make the most awkward shaped gifts look beautifully wrapped and stops the recipient guessing what’s inside!

You Will Need...

· A Gift/Box – it’s always easier to wrap a box if you can

· Wrapping paper – we have lots of cute designs for you to choose from

· Ribbon – colour match to your paper/bag or use raffia, string or twine

· Gift tag – use one of our cute Tatty Teddy gift tags or recycle old cards perhaps

· Scissors – sharp and with a comfortable handle

· Sticky tape – double sided if you want a neat finish

· Gift bags and matching tissue paper

· Accessories - use something festive to set off the colours of your chosen wrapping paper. You can use the real thing or go fake! Maybe a red berry and pine cone decoration, as shown, or a holly sprig if your wrapping is green. You could use real or felt mistletoe for that beautiful festive addition. Perhaps provide that Christmas scent with a cinnamon stick, a fragrant pine cone or a decorative branch/twig from the tree for that distinctive Christmas aroma.

Everyone will be so impressed with your amazing wrapping of their fabulous Christmas gifts!