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May, 12th

Five Tips for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Five Tips for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

Organising a baby shower might seem a little daunting. Like any party, there’s a fair amount of planning involved and various decisions to be made. Will the baby shower be hosted by the expectant mum or a friend? Who should you invite? What food should you serve? What are the best baby shower gifts? The trick is to try and keep things simple. A baby shower should be a relaxed and joyous event with as little stress as possible. Our five tips should help your party go without a hitch!

1. Decide on the host

Traditionally, a close friend or family member hosts a baby shower. This takes the pressure off the mummy-to-be at a time when she should be taking it easy and conserving her energy. The baby shower could be a surprise event, or something that’s planned in close co-operation with mum. If you’re thinking of a surprise, don’t forget that not every mum-to-be will appreciate an unexpected celebration! Should the party be a women-only event? Although the custom is for female friends and family to get together for a baby shower, it’s really down to individual preference. If you’d like partners or other friends to come along, that’s your choice.

2. Set the date and venue

Timing is important. It’s best not to schedule a baby shower too close to mum’s due date - she’s likely to feel more uncomfortable and exhausted at this stage, plus there’s always the possibility that baby might make an early entrance into the world! Around the seven-month stage of pregnancy is a popular time, as mum enters the third trimester. Weekends are generally best, when guests are more likely to be free. If you’re planning to host the party at a restaurant or event space rather than at home, allow plenty of time to book ahead. Avoid outdoor venues even in the warmer months – we all know what the Great British Summer can deliver, and no one wants to be shivering in the rain at their baby shower!

3. Choose a simple menu

There’s no pressure to lay on a gastro experience at a baby shower. Mid-morning or mid-afternoon are popular times for baby shower parties, which means you don’t have to provide a full meal for guests. If it’s brunch time, fruit and pastries would be perfect. In the afternoon, a cream tea with scones and strawberries could hit the spot. Baby showers don’t tend to be boozy events. But if you do plan a toast, keep it simple with prosecco and a fizzy mocktail for those who prefer not to drink.

4. Choose thoughtful gifts

Sometimes a baby shower invite will come with a gift wish list. While this is a good way of avoiding overlap – receiving ten babygros but not a single baby blanket would be annoying – many guests like to pick their own baby shower gift. It’s part of the fun to go online or in store and coo over the cute gifts on offer! Gifts don’t have to be hugely expensive. A modest but thoughtful gift shows just as much care as an extravagant present. New baby gifts like rattles, comforters and soft toys help to anticipate baby’s arrival, brightening up the nursery and providing a warm and welcoming space.

It’s lovely to give a present for the mummy-to-be too. Our Tiny Tatty Teddy range has a new mum gift set that includes body lotion and a candle – perfect for relaxing in the later stages of pregnancy, or post-birth while baby is taking a nap. Do you know whether a baby boy or a baby girl is on the way? Tiny Tatty Teddy has colour-themed gifts in blue or pink, as well as a gender-neutral Tiny Tatty Teddy bear with soft pastel-shade accents.

5. Be flexible!

Pregnancy can be unpredictable, and baby shower plans might change depending on mum’s health in the run-up to the due date. Be sensitive to the situation and make sure the baby shower is a nurturing and happy event that doesn’t run on too long or become overwhelming in any way. If baby arrives early, or if mum just doesn’t feel up to it, be prepared to cancel at the last minute. The new baby gifts you’ve chosen won’t be wasted. Perhaps the proud new parents will reschedule the baby shower as a ‘sip & see’ party – another American tradition that’s making its way across the Atlantic.