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June, 24th

The Journaling Journey

The Journaling Journey

The unrestricted world of journaling and scrapbooking has become a popular pastime recently. It’s not writing a diary; it’s reflecting, planning, creating, appreciating, a time to pause and think about thoughts and feelings as well as recording great memories!

People have been journaling for centuries although the ‘scrapbook’ wasn’t heard of until the early 19th Century but once photos came into play, the passion for these nostalgic books become a popular activity.

The beauty of any journal is that anything goes! It’s all your own work and there are no rules. It also has a self-care benefit, so important in these times and could bring an element of calm in our hectic lives. Want to try journaling or revisit it? We’ve got some great ways to start you off...

Make Time

Some people like to schedule in a regular time to devote to their journal. Not only does this help them focus but reducing screen time and taking time out from technology can have a positive effect on our wellbeing. Putting down the smartphone and realising that ‘out of sight is out of mind’ can help your ability to switch off.

Where to Start

If this is just for you, then there is no need to restrict anything. It might be a daily record of your thoughts and feelings or a way to visualize something you are working towards. It may not be until you’ve spent time working on it that you decide the format you want it to follow.

Creating a timepiece to look back on with others might require a design you want to follow to keep it consistent. Everyone has their own ‘favourite’ keepsake when it comes to visualising; it might be a photo, a letter, an entrance ticket or a pressed flower. The only restriction is your imagination.

You might be thinking about presenting it to somebody as a memory so think about what they would most like to see and will enjoy reflecting back on. It might not be the same as what you would consider important but you want it to be for them!


Once you have decided what to include, it’s always worth arranging everything on a page before making anything permanent! Sometimes putting things in date order works best or maybe by occasion? If you are a creative person, you may want to set everything according to its colour or if you’re a ‘detail’ person, the text may be more important. Mix up the pages with different items to display; a ticket from a gig that you enjoyed, a quote from a film you watched, a photo with a friend or a picture something you treated yourself to. These are all lovely ideas to look back on your journal with fondness.

Making Memories

It’s important to capture moments in time and this can be for your own reflection or perhaps a family contribution so you all have an opportunity to record a special memory or something you are all grateful for. Perhaps little ones could draw a picture to show they enjoyed the sunny weather one day or parents often want to express their thanks when a teenager has tidied up! It’s a great snapshot of time as well as being able to look at the positives rather than the negatives.


A journal can also be a great tool if you have a special event coming up that you want to plan for. Maybe a wedding or even redecorating a room? It’s great to visualize your ideas and consider different options by keeping a book with everything in. Not every journal has to be about preserving information, it can very much be a moment in time and deciding what will be going forward. Lots of budding authors start in this way or it could be about ways to change the things you can control such as accommodation, job and relationships.

And Now?

The rules are, there are no rules! Whether it’s one of our beautiful notebooks or a journal set where you can record special memories, the only thing stopping you getting started is you! All you need is your thoughts and ideas. What made you feel happy today? Who are you thankful for? What would be the most important detail of your next celebration? What would you like to achieve in the next 12 months? How can you compile a keepsake for someone special? Make the time, record the detail, reflect on progress and enjoy!

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